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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Hey there...As usual, not much posting of activities.  I've been doing some work on the railroad, however, not as much as one would think with a pandemic and staying home.  I'm Frank and I'm a workaholic!  LOL  If you have real estate needs, lemme know because I'll definitely get that done!, not so much.  BUT!...

The good news is I just hired someone to build the Dispatcher Panel and he started yesterday!  Yeah, that's a project that keeps being revisited and ya know the hangup is that every time I revisit it, I have to RE-LEARN everything all over again, which takes time, more time that I have to learn and build a panel!  Talk about groundhog day!

Well, as of this morning here is the less-than-24 hour update in a photo!  Looks pretty good huh!

Aside from this, I've been selling off trains from the previous era (over $10,000 already!) And of course "investing" in trains for the current era, 1979-1980!  It's great!

I've also lost my "work bench" AKA place where crap accumulates and am finally planning and laying the track for the Fresno city area.  My original plan in my head was to have tracks winding through tall 2-4 story buildings in an industrial area.  Fortunately common sense kicked in and I've spread things out because whats the point in having trains wind through buildings if you can't see them to get car numbers while operating!  My crew will thank me!  The fun part was using Google Earth to follow the tracks and "find" industries to model!  The main one I came up with is a corn syrup facility that will service 12 cars at a time!  Another is a transload facility that will service 9 cars and then several other industries that will service from 1-4 cars each.  This job alone will be service by on operator on the SJVR.  It should take a while to complete the work, so that's great!

Also, with the industry and turns in Mojave, that will be another operator position, servicing trains to/from Trona, Mojave itself, and Monolith.  Perfect for keeping one busy!

Oh, and Joel and I were finally able to get the phones installed and working!  Wayne Lawson came over and helped with the Bakersfield and Traffic Center buzzer/light notifications.  All operating now!

I don't anticipate any op sessions until at least mid 2021 due the the pandemic.  Best to be safe than sorry.

OK that's it for right now.


Frank Kenny, CPRX

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