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Friday, May 27, 2011

Recent Happenings...

OK...sorry for the lack of posts but here is an update.  The signals...with the conductive paint and LOTS of patience, I got all but 3 of the signals working again.  Saved me over $200!  Now we can continue to install them.  Mark Lestico got the panel updated to reflect signal indications and that's downloaded to the computer and great!

I've installed 2 more BDL's with 3 to go, 1 now and 2 later.  One thing that makes this process last so long for me is that I am also, to an extent, re-wiring under the layout.  I'm also cleaning up the wiring as I go.  In the end, it all looks "pretty" for those of you that look under the layout!

I got several spurs installed but not yet glued down, replaced a siding in Goshen, replaced turnouts in Goshen from regular to Y's, removed a crossover in goshen and shortened the siding there too.  We have temporarily installed the Kings River Bridge at Kingsburg.  I need to re-install the turnouts there as we pulled them to install the bridge.

Next on the list...Oh geez, don't ask how long that list is!  There's a lot to do as you can imagine when building a large layout.

I scheduled a test run session for June 4th but a couple days later had to cancel that as my DCS100 went on the blink.  It should be arriving at Digitrax early June and I hear that I may see it before August!  Well let's hope it's sooner than that!  I rescheduled the test run for July 2nd.  If you're interested in joining us, please let me know.  If the DCS is still not back, I'll reschedule it again.

I'm sure I missed a few things that have recently been accomplished but as I recall them I'll post the info.