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Sunday, September 16, 2012

CPU on DCS100 Blown?!

I sent the DCS100 to Digitrax for service.  I called and spoke to Dave and we discussed the situation and the fact that I have another DCS100 with similar unusal actions.  He was surprised and said he would get with repair dept to expediate the repair and determine what was wrong and then call me.

Well, no calls for a week so I called him.  Unfortunately Dave had NO CLUE what we spoke of and the commitment he gave to me!  Seriously?  He said repairs weren't his department and that he would pass me there.  I stopped him and had to remind him of our conversation and his commitment.  Still no clue!  He said he would check with the repair dept and call me back.

He finally called about 1/2 hour later and said the unit was done and being shipped back to me.  The issue was the CPU was bad.

When I shipped the unit I made it very clear in the description that I would like some input as to how and why whatever was wrong went wrong.  He told me he didn't know and that I should be happy because the repair was exedited.

I tried to explain to him that speed is not what I was looking for but information regarding the issue.  Still, he tried to get out of this by pushing the speed issue.  Really Dave...NO CLUE!  I advised him that as a customer I wasn't happy with his avoidance of the issue and lack of follow-thru.  He said he can't remember every phone call.  I reminded him that he could simply write a note to himself.  How hard could that be.  He said he would never write a note.  Wow!  This guy needs to work somewhere where customer service doesn't matter...or is he already?

Anyway, supposedly the DCS is on the way back.  I'll start testing by disconnecting all TC areas, test for heating and issues, then connect one throat (of 4) at a time to see which area is causing issues.  

Last comment to Dave...When you say you are going to do something...stand by your word!

I wonder what is up with the 2nd DCS100.

More later!