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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Progress Made

I was able to work on the railroad for much of the weekend.  First, I had Time Warner installed on Friday, replacing the Frontier FIOS because of WiFi issues.  Why would I expect it to go smoothly!  It was not!  It took about 7 hours of my time to get everything working properly and still one TV is not working.  But that's not for the blog.  I was able to get the WiFi working and it seems to be a lot stronger in the railroad rooms.  An op session will tell the truth.

I also was able to gather all my "To Do" notes and accumulate them into one list on Evernote and sorted them by the location on the railroad.  I think this will help me get these projects completed.

Next, I created the train sheet below that the dispatcher will use to track the trains.  In conjunction with all the train descriptions on separate sheets, the dispatcher should know exactly what is happening on the railroad and be able to better direct movements along with the Clerk.  The image below is not the whole sheet, but part of it.

Next up, this week I'll be in Austin, TX operating on Tommy Holt's Western Pacific Railroad so there won't be much work on the CPRX, other than maybe some work on the computer.

Frank Kenny, Central Pacific Railway, CPRX