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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Finally Moved the Printer!

My old printer was been sitting on my Ops desk forever.  When it died and I purchased a new one, that new one had a different footprint.  It was a little smaller, however, the paper tray protruded out over the desk.  I swore I was going to build a shelf for it.  Well, that was about 9 months ago!

In my very productive weekend this weekend, I finally got around to building that shelf.  In the first photo, the spot where the printer was is the open space to the left of the new location for the printer.  You can see how far the paper tray protruded out, making half the desk unusable.  Now the printer sits over the arrival tracks to staging and is closer to the isle where one would need to grab a manifest.  Perfect!

The open space is where the printer used to be.  The protrusion of the paper tray, left only about 6" of usable desk space.

The new printer shelf allows trains to arrive into Roseville and Stockton staging.