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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Absolutely no progress!

If you have wondered why I haven't updated you or invited you to operate its because there is absolutely nothing going on on the railroad!  Nothing!!  The last operating session was back in February. And in May I held a client party and had a few friends operate trains. Since then I have not really even been in the train room. One reason is it's been so darn hot this year and I don't have air conditioning. I attribute that to the global warming issue. The train room can get upwards of 90-100°. Not very exciting and there's no windows to open and again no AC. The other issue is I just haven't been interested in doing anything on the railroad. Which is really odd for me. Perhaps when the weather cools down, which it should already have, I will get back into it. Until then don't feel bad as no one has been herE and I haven't had any operating sessions at all. Heck I would be surprised if I even remember how to operate the railroad and the JMRI system!  Frank Kenny