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Monday, June 27, 2011

BDL's Complete!

Finally!  I finished the installation of the BDL's with the completion of the Bakersfield area.  There are really two more to go but those are for the staging area and will be installed at a later date.

Still waiting for the DCS100 to be returned from Digitrax.  There is a layout test date set for July 2 but that may not happen if I don't have a DCS100.

Mark and I have changed several items on the JMRI panel and he is working on a few more changes for better operational ability.

The layout is on a local layout tour at the end of July and I plan to be on that tour, given I have the DCS100 back and operating.  If you would like to run trains for that tour, please contact me at 310-344-9145.