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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Updates for May and the Test Ops Session

While I was on vacation a couple weeks ago, I chose to stay home and complete a major project,
that is getting all the Torti installed and connected to BDL's on all 4 Traffic Center (main staging)
throats. That's over 40 turnouts! While this has been a major project, I've
completed 99% of it...yaaaa. Since I have the room torn up, I now have decided
to install the BDL's for detection in this area too and they just arrived this week. Therefore I will not be doing the test ops as planned.

During my vacation I also completed the following:
Speed matched all locos (Way too many...I should sell some of these!)
Cleaned crap out of the Traffic Center room (there's always more!)
Labeled all tracks in the Traffic Center areas
Created a Clerk board to be used by the clerk (almost finished)
Created operator positions
Created train activity sheets (instructions for individual trains)
Made an industry chart with cars in/cars out
Did extensive research on prototype industries (still working on that and that's fun!)

Yep, been a busy week and made lots of progress. I've also regretably decided to skip the
NMRA convention this year (I have a great hotel room booked in Grand Rapits if you know someone who wants it) and focus on another major work session during that
time. Who knows. I just might have the RR completed by the end of the year and then I can tear it dow and start all over again!

I'll let you know when it's safe to run trains and we'll do that test op session
with all the new changes. Perhaps around late June or 4th of July timeframes.