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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two steps step backward! Signals on the CPRX

We got together yesterday to "build" the signals on the layout.  We're using a combination of the Digitrax signals with etched brass parts from Serge in Canada.  We filed all the square LED's on the signals so they would fit in the round holes on the signal faces and then glued the base, platforms and ladders to the signals.  They look great!  Next step is to apply the face and the hood, essentially the signal head.  So before everyone left for the day, I thought I'd paint one so we could see the finished product.  Once painted and heads fitted, we plugged it into the system...nothing!  Dark!  Oh poop!

At first we suspected the paint shorted them out.  Nah...not that easy.  Worse!  Long story short, while we were filing the LED's, we conveniently sanded the electrical connection to the LED!  Oh poop again but more poop this time!  And we didn't just sand a few, we sanded all 52 signals, about 1/2 double headed, 3 LED's per head!  Now that's a lot of poop!

Given the LED is meltable, I can't solder anything so I'm going to get some conductive paint and see if I can repair them that way.  That's plan A.  Plan B will be to try to replace the destroyed LED's with new ones.  Plan C...we'll let's just not go there because that would be a whole truck full-O-poop!

If you have any suggestions...please let me know.  I'll keep you updated.  Below is a pic of the signal without the heads and hoods installed...just raw LED's.

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