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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Turnout motors installed and operating!

I was finally able to get more turnout motors installed and operating with the DS64's.  Still several more to go.  Was talking to Mary Barstow last week and I estimated about another 20 hours to complete this project.  Uh...I should add 100 more hours to that too!

Time has been short lately...not so much because of the holidays, but because work has been sooooo busy...but then that's a good thing!  On top of that, I've started a new business rehabbing houses.  I already worked 12-15 hours a day so now I have to decide what business am I working in for that 12-15 hours a day.  Good or bad, the days fly by!  Now if I could just get this third "job" going on a regular basis...oh wait, model railroading is not supposed to be a's supposed to be fun!

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