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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Most Productive Work Day!

Yesterday was the best work day in a long time!  Among other things accomplished by others, Wayne Lawson and I were able to fix what I call a few "soft shorts".  It took the better part of the day but was well worth it!

One area was at the south Bakersfield throat.  There were a couple of turnouts there that when the loco went over them, they sung and hindered train movement.  Turns out that the connector for the Tortoise was slightly askew, soft-shorting the power from the Tortoise and the rail.  Simple fix!

The second area was at the lower staging throat.  Similar situation with the soft-short, however this one was caused by not enough rail power around the staging loop to throw the auto reverser.  Therefore, a soft-short occurred and in one instance melted a loco truck!  The solution was to run additional bus wire around to the oposite side of the loop where there are feeders to the tracks.  Problem solved!

Everything runs as advertised now and I am so grateful to Wayne for helping me with these!  They certainly tested our brain cells!

On the 17th I'm hosting a client appreciation party and will have trains up and running for the guests.

Next up on "The List", getting the UR92 software updated and adding power to a couple dead spots that cropped up with I cut track for the BDL's.  I gave up on the DT402D and sent it to Digitrax!  This stuff should be easy huh.

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