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Saturday, March 16, 2013

A good day of progress today with Joel Morse.

Joel tackled a few more wheel sets...his favorite job!  And most importantly he build some mock-up buildings.  Specifically for the Railex facility and then 3 smaller buildings for smaller industries.  See photos below.

 The Railex facility has three tracks that service the building so that's what I built.  My tracks hold 6                      cars each for an 18 car train.

The master at work.  He was able to bang out a building in about 45 minutes.


Architect and WORLD FAMOUS builder Joel Morse with his work.

         Trackside view of the new buildings.

While Joel was doing that I was researching industries for the RR.  A couple weeks ago when I was going to Joel's house I saw a great industry on Terminal Island called SA Recycling.  Finally I found a destination for the junk yard in Calwa!  Well, while I was doing research today it turns out that the Calwa facility is actually SA Recycling too.  What luck!

Also while Joel was doing the buildings, I did more set up on the JMRI Ops program finishing a test train.  Once I was done, Joel ran the very first train on a switch list!  That was exciting.  Of course I need to some tweaking to the program and this first run was just to learn about what needed to be done.  The program is pretty cool and if you haven't tried it, I recommend it so far.  And of course, every industry that the program sent cars to had some hick-up like no turnout throw or a tortoise that wasn't yet connected.  Very suspicious!

   Joel with the first train and the first switch list!

               All cars moved to destination.

I also refined the Traffic Center route table that Dave Waterstreet created and hung up copies to use.  To throw the turnouts I am using old DT100 and DT300 throttles because not every operator will be using a DT400 and you can't throw turnouts with the UT4R.

Traffic Center routing chart temporarily hung until I'm sure it's what I want.

Using DT100's and DT300's for turnout routing in the Traffic Center and on both ends of Bakersfield.

I will spend some time working on refining the JMRI Ops program and adding control to all turnouts that don't have it over the next couple weeks.  The next get together will be with Joel at his place on the 30th.

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