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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Visiting Rob Caves' Layout, Joel's Cabinet, Train Store, Fullerton, Seattle Dreamin'

Yesterday Joel Morse, Mark Lestico and I did a fun train day together.  The day started out at 8am with tearing out a large wall of cabinets at Joel's to make way for a railroad mean new cabinets for the honey.  She's gonna love 'em too because they are going to be an NYO&W gray color.  Well, white gets dirty ya know so these will not show dirt or dust, thus less cleaning...right honey!  Unfortunately I was so busy doing demo I forgot to take pix!

From there we drove up to Rob Cave's layout, about 25 miles away, to visit his layout for the first time. Nice layout that is built in an old 2-car garage.  The layout is floor to ceiling with 5 levels...that I recall. My favorite part of the layout is the LAUPT model and track arrangement.  Here is a link to a video of traffic in and out of LAUPT.  I like how it is time-lapsed.

Rob Caves' LAUPT Video - Time-lapse

Here are some photos of Rob's layout.

Jim on the left and Rob Caves on the right in teal.

The three trouble makers, from left to right, Joel, Mark, and me.

Rob likes to run lots of modern passenger trains.  He has several versions of the new (thinking positively) trains that will eventually be running between the Los Angeles area and Las Vegas.

With the Los Angeles "River" in the background, this is the throat to LAUPT, featured on the above mentioned video.

LAUPT itself.  Beautiful model of the station and tracks.

A model of the San Diego Depot on Rob's layout.

How could I not take a pic of the Kenny RR Supply company!

A shot of a UP freight crossing one of the bridges on the upper level.

Thank you for the hospitality Rob!
At Rob's we ran a few trains and then we were off to lunch.  Since we were so close to Pasadena, we stopped at the Whistle Stop.  Unfortunately for them, we were just browsers.

We left the train store and drove about another 25 miles to the Fullerton Depot where we sat and watched trains.  Well, we were supposed to watch trains.  In the hour+ that we were there we only saw two Metrolink trains!  What's going on BNSF???  I'm sure you've seen your share of Metrolink trains so I didn't even turn the camera one.  I'm sure one day I'll wish I took those photos!

We talked about operating on other model RR's.  Of course I had to bring up Jim Younkins and this Mud Bay and Southern:
Jim Younkins MB&S pix & info

Jim Younkins MB&S Video

And then there is Al Frasch and his BNSF railroad:
Al's layout pix & info
Al's BNSF video

If we took a weekend trip up to Seattle, we could operate on two of the very best model railroads in the country...and of course visit some good Seattle model RR buddies too!  We talked about a trip in May or September.  Hmmmm...  Anyone else interested?

Back to reality, by about 3:30 we all were wishing we had somewhere to nap so we decided to call it a day.

A fun day it was!

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