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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Updates to the Traffic Center Routing Panel & a Link

The last couple of times we've run trains we've used the new Traffic Center Routing Panel.  This panel has always confused me so I know it has to confuse the operators.

When we created the panel it made sense.  However, in normal use, it was very confusing...and it still may be!  We'll have to test it and see.  Click here,  Traffic Center Route Panel, to see the panel that I recreated.    A major change was to put the Upper and Lower level on top and bottom respectively, and arranged Arrival and Departure from left to right.  That helped clarity a lot.  I also highlighted YERMO and italicized the Passthru tracks for clarity too.  There were also a number of smaller issues that I changed, such as adding the Steam and MOW tracks and routings for them.

I printed the sheet and attached it to a piece of cardboard for stability and temporarily attached it to the layout fascia both inside and outside of the TC area so no matter where you stand, you can see the board.  I create all control panels on paper temporarily until we use them a few times and I'm sure that it is what I want.  After that works for a bit, I will make a permanent panel.

One additional addition I am considering is an LED for each track, showing occupancy.  This will require the running of MORE wires, which I love to do...NOT...I'd rather eat hair!  LOL.  Well, that's a project for another day and another post.

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