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Friday, February 21, 2014

Third day of Portland Crew Visit

Today is the third day of the Portland crew visit.

The morning started out fine, with Kent taking the van to take the guys to Starbucks and then back later to pick me up.  In the shuffle, I forgot to pick up lunch and didn't discover that until we were already arriving Joel's!  I had to go back to my house and pick up lunch and then back to Joel's.  Once back at Joel's, the crew was operating the layout and all was going well.  The op session was running far.

Here are a few pix.

Owner of the NYO&W, Joel Morse

We finished the op session and grabbed lunch and then off to Bob Grech's Western Pacific RR.  Bob has a very detailed layout, along the level of George Selios' layout.  Here are a few photos.

Bob Gretch, owner of the Western Pacific

After Bob's, we went to Mark Lestico's Cascade Line railroad and visited and ran a couple of trains.  I think I wore out most of the Portland guys so much that we mostly discussed Mark's railroad and various other aspects of operations, modeling, etc.  Here are a few photos.

Owner of the Cascade Line, Mark Lestico is on the far right
By the time we left Mark's house, I think everyone, including me was bushed.  We stopped at Applebee's for dinner (never again) and then off to the airport.  Oh, and Phil, Dave and Kent decided they would spring on yet another minor detail about the Loconet on my layout.  I don't quite have details, but I'm getting the idea that they want to re-build it!  They seem to be breaking it to me in little bits.  I'm open to any HUGE project they want to throw at me as long as they let me know when they are coming over to help!  ;-)

Frank Kenny, CPRX

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