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Thursday, October 13, 2011

DS64 Update

Continuing from my last post, of course the gremlins crept in...and right off the bat too!  Installing two switches and 4 LED's, the LED brightness was compromised (for some reason!), so I went to RS and bought 4 green-only LED's and installed them that way, the LED being lit for the route selected vs a bi-color LED.  I like the look better anyway!  By the time I got all that purchased, figured out and done, half the day was over!  Is it just me or is time going fast for you too?

Now that the Loop turnouts and LED's were complete it was time to turn to the two control panels at Fresno.  This went much smoother, however, due to time, I was only able to complete 1/2 of one panel.  It went quickly so I figure I can get both panels complete if I just spend 1 more whole day doing just that.  This weekend...hmmm.

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