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Saturday, December 21, 2013


In 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy Holt, courtesy of Riley Triggs.  Tommy lives in the Austin, TX area and has a huge, beautiful Western Pacific layout.  Unfortunately we didn't get to operate on the day of my visit but I hope to operate there on my next trip to Austin in 2014.
Thanks again Tommy and Riley!

The railroad has it's own building.  Nice!
Major CTC machine

Beautiful scratch built Stockton station
This is the work room downstairs.  The layout is upstairs.

Mr. Riley Triggs, chauffeur extraordinaire

Notice the track lines for the yard on the fascia

This is the two staging yards

Riley Triggs, Tommy Holt, me

Riley Triggs, Tommy Holt

Stairway down to the work room


  1. Hi Frank.
    Goddam it now you've gone and got me very jealous. I would give my right arm to visit Tommy Holts RR. I met him just very briefly at Madison when a few of us Aussies came over for the NMRA convention in 1997.
    We are looking for a way to communicate with our model RR dispatchers and I notice that Tommy has a phone system like we would like to incorporate into our RR. Would it be at all possible to ask Tommy what system he uses and a brief description of how it works, it would be very helpful for us.
    Thanks for posting all of the images of my mate Duncan during his visit. Unfortunately he lives 2000 Kilometers from me here in Melbourne so we do not get to see one another too often.
    Thanks in advance.
    Rod Warren.

  2. Hi Rod,

    Sorry I missed your request. I'll get on it and get you the info you are looking for!

  3. Great that would be good thank you Frank.

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